Social Media Golden Rules learned from #MMchat

Every Monday The Social CMO holds “Marketer Monday”, or #MMchat for short, on Twitter at 8:00pm Eastern Time. They feature a  Twitter based Social Media conversation about marketing hosted by @TheSocialCMO.

Tonight, a retweet by Matthew Kammerait caught my attention. It included these thought provoking Social Media keywords.

Social Media Golden Rules

@tomob: helpful human humble

@kammerait: playful passionate perceptive

Not surprisingly, these rules tie into what we crave from real life, and long term, interaction. Social Media isn’t an open door to a sales pitch. It can be utilized in many ways for many people. But conversation is crucial. Conversation that isn’t predicated by blatant bottom line motivation.

Think about it this way, what if I walked up to you on the street and said, “I think you would really like my product / services / brand.” Then handed you directions on how to learn more about it before promptly walking away.

Did I win you over? Make a great first impression? You are going to be a loyal customer now right? No? Wait a second. Why not? I put all that effort into engaging just you. Picking you out from the crowd. Just like I read about. You must have missed the line that said, “Without real communication your business will never be sustainable.

My addition: @iamlucid: respectful resourceful relateable

Do you think the above set provides a good basis for interaction through marketing and Social Media? What are your own Social Media golden rules?

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