Effective Soft Selling to Increase Product Awareness

Our brain is being spammed by 3,000 ads and corporate messages per day.

We are all too familiar with the over saturation of forced marketing attempts at the gas pump. Displayed with a sense of desperation on the gas handle, pump, signage, loud speaker, touch screens and now televisions. Each of them pitching the latest deals and brand sponsorships for our much needed approval. Our brain is being spammed by 3,000 ads and corporate messages per day according to Spam Filters for Your Brain.

A large majority of us pump our own gas — unless you live in New Jersey or Oregon — which provides advertisers with anywhere from five to ten minutes of our, mostly, undivided attention. As a society we have become so used to the constant stream of advertising that we have begun to look passed it and even completely ignore it in some cases.

The problem? Most of the attempts are delivered by hard sell tactics.

Market the benefit of retaining us as your customer.

Sure, this week’s sale on a gallon of milk may benefit a small percentage of pay-at-the-pump customers but what about all of the other missed opportunities? Point blank, all of us at the pump are buying gas.Market the benefit of retaining us as your customer.

Effective upselling by Shell Mastercard
Effective upselling by Shell Mastercard

Today, I was at a local Shell Station and paid at the pump with my bank card. After I filled up the touch screen stated “You could’ve earned 1.56 with the Shell MasterCard!” Notice the subtle copywriting. It didn’t say you could have saved money. It said you could have earned money. They have created fear of loss.

I wasn’t interested in applying for a Shell MasterCard by any means but it remained at top of mind. Out of the 3,000 ads I saw today this was the only one I remember. It wasn’t part of some flashy signage with loud colors or an over-produced television commercial with talking animals. It was black and white text on a screen. They followed through on the potential conversion with printing the same soft sell statement on my receipt. The same receipt I had to select ‘Yes’ on the touch screen to receive and, in turn, gave them a take home advertisement for their brand and product.

Simple and effective.


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