Why Front-End Design is Crucial for the Success of Your Business – Part 2

Imagine paying for a service that required you to call or email the company for common changes…would you remain a long-term customer? Probably not.

Last week we talked about two different user types that interact with your application. This week I will detail the impact of front-end design, good or bad, on your brand as well as provide additional insight into the Store & Play redesign. Please note: I have changed the title of the article series to better reflect the content.

Justifying the added development time and expense of successful front-end design

Good design at the front-end suggests that everything is in order at the back-end.

Front-end usability is a business model. The face of your company. Your business can live or die by it. Design can increase revenue potential and trust in your brand or decrease productivity and client satisfaction. This is why the term “you get what you pay for” is highly popular in the design and development community.

Dmitry Fadeyev had a great UsabilityPost article that closed with, “Good design speaks. Good design tells your visitors that you care about your product. Good design at the front-end suggests that everything is in order at the back-end, whether or not that is the case. Good design is what separates the best from the “good-enough.Which are you?

Store & Play: Establishing the key problem

Store & Play's old campaign management screen
Store & Play’s old campaign management screen

To your right is an image of Store & Play’s old user interface. Pretend for a moment that you are a client that wants to run your campaign from January 1, 2010 to August 1, 2010. Ok, not too difficult. But what if you want to change the click through link of your ad? Change the position? Add a skip button or launch without sound?

What is your first reaction to completing those goals with this user interface?

Confusion? Frustration? Now, what if your supervisor has an important sales meeting to showcase this campaign in five minutes from now and needed this done yesterday but forgot to tell you? Chances are your stress level is through the roof now. Why? Making those changes yourself is impossible with that front-end interface.

A successful front-end isn’t simply how a website or application is laid out. As a business, it is a complete customer experience.

Imagine paying for a service that required you to call or email the company for common changes in your campaign. Would you remain a long-term customer? Probably not. A company with that business model would be overflowing with support tickets and change requests bogging down their work flow and preventing new projects from starting or completing. It puts a hold on incoming revenue until everything is updated and working properly. It also adds unnecessary stress for the client or end-user.

Usability for clients was broken and the process lacked efficiency. I was determined to fix it.

Store & Play's new management screen
Store & Play’s new management screen

Next week I will discuss how I redesigned and rebuilt the Store & Play system to vastly improve functionality and client satisfaction.

The complete overhaul and implementation of dynamic features allowed the company to shift focus away from micromanaging campaigns to dramatically increase profits and productivity.

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