Stop Planning for Tomorrow

At some point during our early childhood we were conditioned to live by a structured status quo. Go to school, attend college, get a degree, excel in your career and retire at 65. That was the ideal many of us grew up with. Have you ever asked yourself why?

What happens when we see an opportunity? When the energy of excitement and potential ignites us with opportunity to succeed. A doorway to success without a five step program and twenty five plus years of our life to prove our worth.

There are two types of people in life; those who sit back and talk about doing and those who take action. Those who deliver.

Stop planning for tomorrow and deliver today

The problem lies within the mindset that we must follow a certain path to gain respect.

Some of the most talented people I have ever met followed the outdated blueprint for success.

Each of them had college degrees, were honest and respectable people, hard workers for the most part, but they waited their turn politely. They didn’t open their eyes to the opportunities speeding by them. They didn’t take control.

The only thing that held that back was themselves.

They may never realize their dreams because they took the long road to success with blinders over their eyes like Kentucky Derby horses.

You may have the seed of an idea that has the potential to grow into something life changing, possibly revolutionary, but the only way to find out is by pushing it further.

Build it. Create it. Finish it.

Get your idea out there for public consumption. Tomorrow can never be planned for. You never know what tomorrow will bring. You only have today. This moment. Right now.

Archaic structure expires with innovation

The problem lies within the mindset that we must follow a certain path to gain respect. To be viewed as successful.

That color by numbers mentality doesn’t innovate. It doesn’t allow for complete freedom of thought or unexpected events in our lives that may take us off course. Where is the excitement in that?

We are destined to repeat a cycle of decision making without asking the all-important why. Why do we need to realize our dreams a certain way? Why do we need to work 40 hour weeks? Why do we even need to go from Point A to Point B? We don’t. And this shift in the social status quo is changing the world we live in every day.

Don’t get left behind by a road map that worked best decades ago.

It doesn’t matter what age you are or if you have a college education. It doesn’t matter if you have been at your job three months or thirty years. Do it and do it now or someone else will.

It’s that simple.

Plan for today. Take action today. Succeed today.

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