A New Archetype of Entrepreneur is Emerging

Without motivational thought you won’t learn anything.

Ten years ago entrepreneurs dreamed of running global corporations with hundreds of employees. Owning a private jet. Smoking the best cigars money could buy. Today, entrepreneur is an outdated word. We don’t live in a Mad Men world any more. The mindset of working your way to the top has become an afterthought. Why put 20 years of hard time into a company that may be shut down without notice tomorrow? A new archetype is changing business as we know it.

Easy is not always best.

They don’t let past action dictate their future action.

We have seen a large push toward streamlining traditional business practices. We are becoming more aware of what our competitors are doing thanks to the immediacy of the internet and Social Media. Transparency has become the new earth friendly green. But are we learning from everyone around us or simply borrowing the ideas that work for others? Transparency provides the answers to every test you took in High School or College. A cheat sheet to business and revenue. But without motivational thought you won’t learn anything. You won’t grow as an entrepreneur.

The new archetype of entrepreneur

Don’t let others tell you it cannot be done.

Teenagers are becoming millionaires. Your next door neighbor is a celebrity on YouTube. Why? Because they are the new archetype. They don’t let past action dictate their future action. Tell them something can’t be done and they will find a way. The notion of impossible feeds their insatiable hunger for accomplishment. They don’t reinvent the wheel. They destroy it. This new archetype of entrepreneurs is powered by ambition.

While you are applying for business loans, Bridging Loans and other types of money lending methods, to help grow your businesses, they are busy creating start ups in their garage. They don’t need the best equipment or the best office space. All they need is a concept. An ideal. An Aha! moment, some time and dedication. Which are you?

Don’t let others tell you it cannot be done. The only person stopping you from achieving your dreams is you. Take action. No excuses.

Update / Great Example: How a 16-yo Kid Made His First Million Dollars Following His Hero, Steve Jobs


  1. Mike HandyReplyDecember 28, 2010 at 6:46 pm 

    Great post, this is why old standing institutions are in hot water. The old system saw a threat and tried to destroy it, most business books still teach this, the new system sees a threat and converts it into an opportunity. It is becoming more difficult to destroy threats, it’s time to convert them into opportunity!

    • Joshua GarityReplyJanuary 2, 2011 at 11:26 pm 

      I agree completely with you. There is a constant struggle between new and old logic toward the best way to accomplish goals. Both can be greatly successful but the new archetype of entrepreneurs may find much more support, especially upfront, as their expense versus potential ratio is much more favorable.

      Great response Mike! Hope to see you here more often :)

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