Remote Meetings: Using Giphy & Slack to Shake Things Up

That escalated quickly

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday my team has a brief meeting to discuss where we are with our tasks. It provides a platform to talk through any unforeseen pain points, answer questions, and help each other progress toward the end goal of launching new features, services, and products.

It’s an incredibly important meeting to ensure we are all moving in the right direction. Communication can be very nuanced between developers, designers, and stakeholders depending on the attendees.

So, naturally, I tried to conduct today’s meeting in Slack using only Giphy to communicate.

Why you may ask? Why not. What’s the worst that could happen?

Meme filled chaos

It was clear that the team was already warmed up and ready to go for this experiment before the meeting was scheduled (8:30a CST).

Great. The team is ready. Let’s start the meeting.

Just like any remote meeting, voice or video, it started with absolute confusion.

Great! Andy’s project is going well thanks to Kyle’s help. One minute in and I think we’ve found our groove. This is going to go well.

Ok. Maybe not.

We needed to slow down. It turns out that searching for the right meme turns into a mini-game as you try to communicate and keep up with a conversation.

Two minutes in and we’ve descended into madness and it was equal parts frustrating and hilarious.

At this point, I could tell Kyle was done. Any time someone uses a Meryl Streep The Devil Wears Prada meme to say “That’s all” you know it’s time to move on. But, I pushed on anyway.

Confirmed. I should have known better to challenge Meryl.

We had to call it quits after 5 minutes and switch to a normal meeting and be productive like adult professionals. But it’s ok, because we ended with Giphy.

Lessons learned

Giphy and Slack are incredible resources for remote workers. While not ideal for conducting nuanced important meetings, it’s a fun way to change things up for remote teams.

Don’t be afraid to try something you know will likely fail. Not everything needs to be perfect. Sometimes you just need to have fun.


  1. CollinReplyMarch 25, 2020 at 4:13 pm 

    I’ve been looking for a hero, and you’re it for today! Love you, brother!

    • Joshua GarityReplyMarch 25, 2020 at 8:50 pm 

      Thanks, Collin! Let’s catch up soon. Just not using Giphy and Slack please. lol

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