Why this website exists and how it will help you  and your clients succeed

Joshua GarityChances are you run your own business, or want to. It doesn’t have to be a full time thing, but you have that passion. That drive. It burns from within you. Good. Keep going.

You probably know enough to be dangerous but you’re missing that next step. That blueprint to build upon the momentum and success you already have in place.

I’m going to help you take that next step.

For free.

You don’t even have to sign-up for anything.

I’ve consulted with companies like The New York Times, Wendy’s, American Family Insurance, Airwalk, and more, to build legitimate customer relationships and increase revenue through behavioral psychology, brand storytelling and digital marketing (social media, web design, etc).

How to get started

This is the easy part.

I’m going to suggest a few different blog posts under various topics for you to read from my website. You can read one, all, or even none of them if you’d like.

Afterward, email me.

I want to hear how you have personally implemented some of the core strategies I’ve provided. Even better, let me know what you want to see next and I will make that happen.


Web Design


Design Psychology and Brand Strategy

Recently, I was interviewed by the fine folks at Todaymade for their Better at Marketing Podcast. They have interviewed Brian Solis, Scott Stratten, and Olivier Blanchard to name a few. Amazing company to be in, to say the least.

Listen to it here or download it on iTunes for free.

Joshua Garity - UXMad Conference at the Overture Center in Madison, WI

Joshua Garity – UXMad Conference at the Overture Center in Madison, WI

About Joshua Garity

Joshua Garity is the Owner of Candorem, a hands-on consultancy that focuses on behavioral psychology, brand strategy, and digital marketing for businesses of all sizes.

Due to Josh’s unique perspective, he specializes in inspiring new passion in projects, or companies, that have reached a plateau – either due to their past success or lack of proper guidance toward the future.

He helps companies realize their full potential through better positioning their brand to meet specific goals online and off.

In the past 12 years he has become known for his ability to effortlessly join and lead existing teams in both on-site and online environments. His focused efforts have directly resulted in small, localized, start-ups expanding to national scale and receiving multi-million dollar funding or corporate buy-outs.

Josh is also founder of the website audit service UX Triggers. UX Triggers gives small businesses, blogs, and start-ups the ability to tap into the core direction that he provides larger clients.

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Speaking and Instruction

Josh specializes in leading engaging open discussions where the attendees are encouraged to interact and guide the session topics. This allows the attendees to get the most value, remain central to the session, and better understand the core concepts. He speaks on the power of behavioral psychology and design triggers to influence decision making, increase revenue, and boost your success rates online and off.

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